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My Note on Total Exchange’s Vision and Values

Our Vision is to become world’s largest crypto-goods marketplace with secure, compliant, and efficient commerce for all.

I am Bobby Singh, an aspiring hard-working entrepreneur, technologist, and philanthropist solving global issues through emerging technologies such as blockchain and digital currencies. It is important to point to what this innovation stands for: a global paradigm shift from data silos and monopolies to interoperability and interconnection. This new paradigm will not just change how we exchange money or conduct commerce, but also positively impact how we exchange value in realms of finance, government, and real-world assets. I founded Total Exchange on the vison to help global commerce in an entirely revolutionary way. Centralized third-party approaches can be replaced by peer-to-peer public networks of digital currencies that help remove borders and other barriers in a borderless economy of tomorrow, compliantly and securely.

Total Exchange’s TEX Market continues to advance an open ecosystem that promotes sustainable and transparent commerce. Our platform is not for a single country or even a continent. Rather, it is a global, borderless marketplace that prides on financial inclusion, security, and trust. As humanity continues to evolve and grow there is continuing need for efficient commerce and value transfer. As demand for products and services increases with constrained supply chains, digital technologies are playing an increasing role in strengthening trade. Blockchain and digital currencies can provide tremendous support in revolutionizing commerce as participants seek efficiency and transparency. Total Exchange’s universal marketplace provides a borderless level-playing field to everyone. And by everyone, I mean everyone, even the forgotten unbanked and marginalized communities that can never be mainstreamed in a traditional economic system restricted by borders.

We built the platform on two of the fastest growing observable trends: e-commerce and digital currencies. Additionally, a collaborative approach is pursued with multi-vendor support where vendors can sell goods and services without fees or unnecessary friction. To achieve this functionality, we launched TexPay, our self-hosted payment processing for Bitcoin and Lightning at 0% costs for participants. Please note, only legitimate and compliant commerce is allowed on our platform and we urge our users to transact accordingly. We invite you to join our community and support our journey in positively impacting and innovating our world, together.