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Bobby Singh- Cryptopreneur, Innovator, and Proponent of Disruptive Technologies

My name is Bobby Singh and I love everything blockchain. I love cryptocurrencies, I love programmable ledgers and I definitely love the decentralization philosophy overall. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Rather than resorting to the generic magical storyline involving $1000 magically converted to $1 million through some magical trading techniques, I will tell you the truth. I didn’t stumble into blockchain technology, but rather blockchain technology found me. I was initially introduced to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through our managing director at Barclays Investment bank. Bitcoin initially seemed like a seasonal fluke that comes and goes but on closer inspection, I saw that cryptocurrencies and blockchain itself are straight from the future. They can help global commerce in an entirely revolutionary step. The centralized third party approaches will be replaced by peer-to-peer public networks of these cryptocurrencies and thus help remove borders and other barriers in a borderless economy of tomorrow.

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